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How we’re addressing Covid-19

We know, we know – another Covid-19 message.

We wish we didn’t have to say all this, but this is a confusing, uncertain, and anxiety-filled time.

Whether you’re already wearing Xero Shoes, or you’re coming here to learn about the benefits of natural movement, or you’re considering buying your first pair, we want to keep you updated about what we are doing during this crisis.

You may have heard us say this before: we’re not doctors or medical experts, and we can’t and won’t give you medical advice. We simply believe in the benefits and comfort of natural movement and want to share that with people around the world.

During this time, we’re doing our part to “flatten the curve” and take care of our Xero family – both our employees and our customers. We’re committed to being open and honest about where we stand during this time.

As you can imagine, when people are scrambling to find a roll of toilet paper, buying shoes is not at the top of their minds. So, in addition to managing our personal health, we’re working hard to juggle the challenges of keeping our small-but-mighty business running and providing the best service that we can.

We’re still taking and shipping orders, posting on social media, and sending out newsletters and updates.

NOTE: Regarding Shipping — we’re typically shipping orders within 1 business day. But GLS has announced that their delivery times are delayed and they are also delaying their tracking information.

We’re washing our hands like we’ll be called at any minute to do emergency surgery. We’re regularly disinfecting the office and the warehouse. We’re happy to hear that the virus lives less than 24 hours on cardboard, so even if it were on our boxes (which we have no reason to think it is), it would expire well before it got to a customer.

Despite it feeling like the zombie apocalypse when we go to the grocery store, we’re still developing new shoes, knowing that people will continue to need healthy footwear no matter how long this goes on.

Our office employees are safe at home keeping their social distance and working remotely. If you experience a delay in getting a response to an email, we thank you in advance for being patient as we work out the kinks of a remote team. If your shipment takes longer to get to you than usual, we thank you in advance again for understanding that delivery services are experiencing major disruptions.

We hope we can help you in other ways in the coming weeks by sharing our best tips for ways to stay active, giving you fun projects to do, sharing ways to de-stress, and posting about what the Xero Shoe fans of the world are doing. If you have any tips to share, comment below or tag us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

We’re fortunate to have a safety net of positivity among our community of hikers, runners, yogis, slackliners, weightlifters, golfers, jump ropers, and adventurers, and we can’t thank you enough.

Sending virtual hugs and high-fives to our Xero community, wishing you all the best, and hope that during this time you continue to Live Life Feet First!

Lena Phoenix and Steven Sashen from Xero Shoes Barefoot Sandals
–Steven and Lena