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More Barefoot Shoes Now Available on Xero Shoes UK Website

More Barefoot Shoes on Xero Shoes UK Website  Broomfield, CO (21 November 2023) –  Xero Shoes, a worldwide barefoot brand, launches the new with a broader selection of styles and colours for UK consumers. was soft-launched in May with dedicated customer support, and the new website adds multiple new styles for casual wear, […]

Xero Shoes on “How I Built This” Podcast

Xero Shoes founders Steven Sashen and Lena Phoenix were recently featured on the immensely popular NPR podcast and radio show How I Build This, hosted by Guy Raz.  How I Built This dives deep into the origin stories of iconic brands, sharing how visionary entrepreneurs weather the trials and failures on the road to success. Six years […]

Shoes I Wore Traveling in Italy – Xero Shoes

Written by: Alexa Lampasona, PR Manager at Xero Shoes Alexa handles media relations and press for Xero Shoes. If you found Xero Shoes in a magazine, online article, TV segment, chances are Alexa made that happen! Alexa lives and breathes Xero Shoes, wearing them for running, hiking, walking the dog, hanging around town (in Boise, where […]

Xero Shoes Announces Michael Pao as New Chief Product Officer

Xero Shoes Announces Michael Pao as New Chief Product Officer, as Dennis Driscoll Retires After 44 Years  Broomfield, CO (September 12, 2023) –  Xero Shoes announces Michael Pao as its Chief Product Officer, replacing industry veteran Dennis Driscoll, who retired after 44 years. Pao has worked in footwear marketing and management for global brands including […]

Xero Shoes Partners with Team Novo Nordisk through 2024

 Xero Shoes Partners with Team Novo Nordisk through 2024 Barefoot-inspired Footwear Benefits both Athletes and Staff (Broomfield, CO) August 8, 2023 –  The world’s first all-diabetes professional cycling team, Team Novo Nordisk, has partnered with Xero Shoes as their official off-bike footwear. Cyclists wear rigid sport-specific shoes while riding, but off the bike comfortable footwear […]

T3: HFS one of the Best Workout Shoes

T3 lists their “Best Workout Shoes” and editor Matt Kollat names Xero Shoes’ HFS as the “Best Workout Shoes for Indoor Training.” He says, “The Xero Shoes HFS – ‘Highly Flexible Shoes’ – is a good example of the craftsmanship Xero applies to its shoes…Although Xero Shoes advertises the HFS as a minimalist road running […]

Marathon Handbook Reviews: Xero Shoes’ Born to Run Trail Shoe

Marathon Handbook Reviews: Xero Shoes’ Born to Run Trail Shoe Are we really born to run barefoot? Marathon Handbook‘s Paul Freary, aka “The Running Shoe Guru”, does a deep dive review of our new Born to Run Mesa Trail shoe. Watch the review to learn about: what makes a natural shoe the barefoot running experience […]

Xero Shoes’ Forza Trainer wins Women’s Health Sneaker Award

Xero Shoes’ Forza Trainer was named a Best in Weightlifting category winner in the 2023 Women’s Health Sneaker Awards! As editor Jacqueline Andriakos says, “Like all Xero barefoot-style shoes, you feel one with the ground thanks to the thin and flat sole. What’s more: “The Velcro strap right below the ankle helps me feel extra locked […]

Proper Foot Placement When Running

If someone tells me they’re having almost any problem or issue with natural running, the odds are well over 75% that the issue comes from “overstriding.” Overstriding is when you land with your foot further out in front of your body than is necessary or ideal. Watch little kids run and they almost never do […]