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Our Best Minimalist Sandals – Xero Shoes

Minimalist Sandals are mankind’s oldest footwear, with examples found that are about 10,000 years old.

They’re also the simplest — something to protect your soles, plus some way to hold that protection onto your foot.

That’s why people have enjoyed the comfort and freedom of sandals for activities including:

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Hiking
  • Working out
  • Yoga
  • Travel

Then there’s the unique value that minimalist sandals offer — let your feet do what’s NATURAL

Your feet are meant to bend, flex, move, and FEEL the world (to give your brain the feedback needed so you can move effectively and efficiently).

To deliver the benefits of natural movement, a truly minimalist sandal has these qualities:

  • Light weight (Xero Shoes sandals often weigh less than 1/3 what traditional sandals weigh… making them perfect for travel)
  • Flexibility
  • Thin and low to the ground for balance and agility (while still providing the protection you want)
  • No heel lift, for proper posture

Minimalist sandals are NOT flip flops (read more about that in the FAQ section, below).

 Here are some best-sellers for men, women, and kids that will help you Live Life Feet First:

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We’re not fooling around when it comes to the comfort and benefits of minimalist footwear. But that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy fooling around (including making fun of ourselves). Enjoy some funny bare feet humour, below.

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Let me ask you a question...

Do your feet feel better at the end of the day than they did at the beginning, before you put on your shoes?

If not, it’s because your shoes aren’t letting your feet do what’s NATURAL — bend, flex, move, and FEEL the world.

True comfort — and performance — come from letting your feet do what’s natural.

No man-made material has ever improved over what nature has given you.

At Xero Shoes, we make products that let you do what’s natural, so you can Live Life Feet First!

What if I have flat feet? Or pronate?

Do you think weak feet and ankles are better than strong feet and ankles?

I’m assuming you don’t.

Here’s something you already know:

When you immobilize a joint (think: putting your arm in a cast), the muscles atrophy and it gets weaker.

When you USE a joint it can get and remain strong.

With flexible soles that let you USE your feet naturally, you may discover that flat feet or high arches or pronation or supination are simply not an issue.

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Want to be part of a worldwide a "MOVEMENT Movement"?

Xero Shoes has a mission: Making natural movement the better, obviously, healthy choice… the way natural food is now. 

That’s why we say we’re creating a MOVEMENT movement.

And you can be part of it.

It’s simple. Just start using your feet the way you did as a kid!

Remember running outside on a warm summer day, kicking off your shoes and feeling the grass, or the sand, or the water between your toes.

Remember that fun. free feeling?

You can have that feeling NOW, regardless of your age.

If you don’t want to go barefoot, put on some shoes that let you Feel the Freedom and Feel the Fun of minimalist shoes, boots, and sandals.

Xero Shoes.

Men’s Minimalist Shoes Best Sellers 

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