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Beware of Fake Xero Shoes Websites

Recently, a number of fake Xero Shoes websites have popped up online, with the goal of stealing private information or otherwise defrauding unsuspecting visitors.

Xero Shoes has partnered with leading legal and digital service providers to identify and shut down these fraudulent websites. 

In the meantime, we urge our customers to remain diligent and only shop at official Xero Shoes websites:

Or Shop our Authorized Retailers

The following tips should help keep you safe.

Some Known Fake Xero Shoes Sites

HOW TO SPOT A Fake Xero Shoes Site

1. Double-check the URL.

2. If the website claims to offer Xero Shoes at a significant discount that looks too good to be true, it’s probably fake.

3. If you are on a site like eBay, and the seller is listing all sizes and colours of a particular Xero Shoe, especially at a discount, it’s probably fake.

Many of the reported fake sites look similar to this one:

You can always verify the authenticity of a site selling Xero Shoes by contacting our Customer Happiness Team at [email protected] (U.S.A. and Int’l customers) or [email protected] (customers inside the European Union).