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Shark Tank

In 2013, Lena and I had the honour and pleasure of appearing on the ABC hit reality-business show, Shark Tank on ABC… and on October 1st we appeared on CNBC, who syndicated the show.

Over 30,000 applied to be on the show and we were on pins and needles for months, waiting to see if our pitch would make it to the airwaves.

If you didn’t see the show, check it out here. I’ve set it up so that when you start the video, it’s cued up to our segment, at the end of the show.

Since the show aired we’ve gotten some amazing responses.

Some people think we were nuts to walk away from a $400k offer.

Others think we were insane to even consider it.

In the first week after the show aired, over 2,500 people decided to try Xero Shoes and experience the fun and benefits of being barefoot, but with a layer of protection, a perfect fit, a custom style, an affordable price, and our 5,000 mile warranty.

THANK YOU to you everyone who emailed and called us, to the people who crashed our website with traffic (over 270,000 people!), to the people who put up with our shopping cart glitches (this cart was, it seems, not made for that kind of traffic), and to everyone who ordered some of our Original Barefootware.

Happily, we have a MUCH improved website and shopping cart and, as you can see here, a MUCH more extensive line of barefoot-inspired shoes, sandals, boots, DIY kits, and more.