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Getting Started with Xero Shoes

Getting Started With Xero Shoes

Please watch this short video for info about having the best experience with your new with Xero Shoes — about getting the right fit, making the transition to Xero Shoes, getting help from our Customer Happiness Team, and welcoming you to our worldwide community. Then check the resources below for more ideas about how to Live Life Feet First!

Have Questions? Here's where to get answers

Our Customer Happiness Team is here to help. Email or call with your questions, comments, issues, or to share what you love about your shoes (we get dozens of those calls every day!).

Our US office:

Email – [email protected]

Phone – 303.447.3100 or 800.449.8880, Monday-Friday, 9-4:30 Mountain Time

Our UK office:

Email – [email protected]

Adjusting sandals for the right fit

We have a number of videos at (clicking that link opens a new tab)

Need to exchange or return your shoes?

If you purchased your Xero Shoes at a retail store, contact them. If you purchased from, go to this page for instructions. If you purchased from, click here instead (both links open new tabs).

Walking, the natural way

It may sound crazy to have “tips for walking,” but since your gait changes when you wear shoes with padding, elevated heels, and arch support, the info in this article might change your life, literally.

Running naturally in minimalist shoes or barefoot

We have LOTS of tips about learning to run in Xero Shoes or even barefoot.  Here are a few to get started, or check out this page which lists them all, and then some

Do you know about our OTHER Xero Shoes?

Sometimes people buy, say, one of our running shoes, and don’t know we have products for MANY other activities or uses.

If you don’t already know about our whole product line, click here to see our Shop page.

If you’re not sure which other Xero Shoe you might like, click here to take our Shoe Finder Quiz.