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Houston, TX


"It’s a gamechanger wearing Xero Shoes. I’ve noticed changes in my fighting, my workouts, and my form, starting from the ground up. They’re the only shoes I wear now!"

Why Xero Shoes?

As a professional fighter, I’m looking to optimize my body from the ground up and that’s why foot strength is so important to me. We already fight barefoot, so adding Xero Shoes to my training regime allows me to run and train barefoot, while still protecting my feet. 

How have Xero Shoes benefited your training?

Having shoes that mimic the feeling of barefoot movement has made a huge difference in my training. Wearing my Xero Shoes gives me better balance and stability, and it allows the muscles in my feet to do what they already do naturally. I’m more aware of my form when I’m running and I’m aware of the way I drive power in lifting, starting with my feet. As a fighter, technique is key, and Xero Shoes give me constant feedback through all of my movements.


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