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Minimalist Sandals

What are Minimalist Sandals?​

Minimalist Sandals are mankind’s oldest footwear, with examples found that are about 10,000 years old.

They’re also the simplest — something to protect your soles, plus some way to hold that protection onto your foot.

That’s why people have enjoyed the comfort and freedom of sandals for activities including:

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Hiking
  • Working out
  • Yoga
  • Travel

Then there’s the unique value that minimalist sandals offer — let your feet do what’s NATURAL

Your feet are meant to bend, flex, move, and FEEL the world (to give your brain the feedback needed so you can move effectively and efficiently).

To deliver the benefits of natural movement, a truly minimalist sandal has these qualities:

  • Lightweight (Xero Shoes sandals often weigh less than 1/3 what traditional sandals weigh… making them perfect for travel)
  • Flexibility
  • Thin and low to the ground for balance and agility (while still providing the protection you want)
  • No heel lift, for proper posture

Minimalist sandals are NOT flip flops.

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