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Can Lena and I get your help?

It’ll be easy. In fact, it’s probably something you’ve already done.

What is it?

Sharing about Xero Shoes.

See, Lena and I believe in the value and benefits of natural movement and we want to spread the word.

Our goal? Other than replacing all flip flops and sport sandals in the world with Xero Shoes 😉 , we want to have 3 times as many people in our natural movement community by this time next year.

Since Xero has been growing organically since day one — with people like you telling others about our products, or being available when someone runs up and asks you about them — we’re asking you now to do just a BIT more than you’re already doing.

Make one extra Facebook post, or Tweet, or Instagram pic or email. Tell one more person that you see in “foot coffins” about the freedom of Xero Shoes.

We have a cool tool you can use to do all this… click one of the buttons, below, to get started.

But wait, there’s more! 😉

If you think, “Hey, I’m thrilled to help build your business… and can I get a piece of that?”

Yes, in fact, you can. Check out our affiliate program at