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Minimalist Shoes

How to Find the Best Minimalist Running Shoes for Men, Women, and Kids​

Minimalist shoes are often thought of as a category of running shoes. But casual shoes can be minimalist, too.

Modern minimalist shoes are lighter, have less cushioning, are more flexible, and have less heel lift (or “drop”) than a typical shoe. They’re actually like the shoes we wore prior to the invention of thick, stiff, padded, motion-control shoes back in the early 70s.

truly minimalist shoe has other important characteristics that support natural movement

  • A wide toe box to let your toes spread
  • No unnecessary cushioning
  • An extremely flexible sole that gives you protection but is thin enough so you can safely FEEL the ground.

All Xero Shoe products — casual and performance sandals, boots, and shoes for men, women, and kids — are “true minimalist shoes.” 

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