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Got a smart phone, or a camera, or a video camera?

          Of course you do!

Want to have some fun?

          Of COURSE you do!

Well, we’d like you to have some fun, and we’d like to make you semi-famous for doing so. 😉

We need pictures and videos of you enjoying your Xero Shoes, or showing them off, or showing us where they’ve taken you, or what you can do in them.

If you look at the pictures on our home page or the video below and you’ll see the kind of stuff we need.

Or, just look at the camera and shout, “I love Xero Shoes!”

Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

Okay, here’s what to do:

1) Take some pictures or make a video

Of what? you may ask? Of you in your Xeros. Doing something. Being somewhere. Feeling the World!

It could be just your feet, or you in action, or maybe just you shouting, “I love Xero Shoes!”

2) Share them with us

Put your pictures or videos on Facebook, or Youtube, or Instagram or Pinterest, or anywhere else you can think of.

If you know about tagging, tag your pictures with #XeroShoes or #XeroFun or #MoreThanXero

Then email us the picture or a link to the pictures or video: [email protected]

SPECIAL FUN NEWS: Every month, we’ll pick our favorite picture or video and send that person a special Xero Hero prize!