Z-Trail EV - Trail Hiking, Running, and Recovery Sandal

Z-Trail EV - Trail Hiking, Running, and Recovery Sandal


  • Soft, tubular quick-dry webbing nylon sourced
  • Comfort, protection, and trail-ready traction
  • 11mm FeelLite™ sole
Z-Trail EV - Men £80.00
We recommend ordering your usual size.

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Why you’ll love Z-Trail EV.

Is it the best barefoot hiking sandal? We think so!

The Z-Trail EV offers the perfect combination of lightweight protection, natural flexibility, durability, versatility, style and affordability.

I  Love these sandals! I wear these from the gym, to work, to church, to the beach. Great style and wearability!

Larry K. USA, Verified Z-Trail EV Mens Customer

Lightweight protection that feels just right.

The Z-Trail EV features an updated 11mm FeelLite™ sole with a middle layer of TrailFoam™ and an updated dual chevron lug pattern that offers the best combination of comfortprotection, and trail-ready traction while still allowing you to bend, move, flex, and feel the terrain beneath your feet.

At just 147 grams each for a men’s size 8, the Z-Trail EV remains just as lightweight and versatile as the original best-selling Z-Trail.

Made from earth & vegan-friendly materials.

The Z-Trail EV eliminates 70% of the unnecessary materials used in modern sports sandals – and because its soft, tubular quick-dry webbing is made from nylon sourced from recycled water bottles, it’s even better for the planet than before!

Z-Trail EV for everything you do.

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Men’s Sizing Tips

We recommend ordering your usual size

Based on statistics from the thousands of pairs of sandals sold across the world, we recommend ordering your usual size.

Free Exchanges!

Figuring out sizing is never easy. That’s why we also have FREE EXCHANGES. Most people find our size recommendation gives them a proper fit, but just in case, we have a free exchange program for all UK orders.

Size Conversion

For Men looking to buy the Women’s version because it is narrower – the conversion rate is 1 times, e.g. a Men’s 7 is a Women’s 8.

UK Sizes EU Sizes US Sizes
5 39 6
6 40 7
7 41 8
8 42 9
9 43 10
10 44 11
11 45 12
12 46 13
13 47 14
14 48 15

Caring for your Xero Shoes

Because of the TrailFoam™ in the Z-Trail, these need a bit of extra attention. Do not leave Z-Trail in hot cars or exposed to intense or direct sunlight. This could cause the TrailFoam™ to deform and is not covered by our warranty.

To clean your Z-Trail sandals, hand wash with warm water, mild soap and allow them to air dry (away from direct sunlight).



Practically anything. Take a walk on the beach, a hike in the woods, hang out with friends, stroll around the campsite, approach a climb, paddle a canoe or a raft, do yoga or Crossfit, run a marathon…

I’m not sure that Z-Trail, or any sandal for that matter, is right for lateral motion sports, like tennis or basketball.

So, use your common sense and HAVE FUN!

Use the templates that are linked on the fit page (scroll down to find the different sandal templates by size and style).

NOTE: Please measure your foot and/or use the templates. Sandal size is very often different from shoe size.

Also, if you have the Z-Trek, you may need a different size in the Z-Trail. The Z-Trek is a TINY bit longer than the Z-Trail, so if your toes come close to the edge in your Z-Treks, you may want to up one size for the Z-Trail.

The women’s Z-Trail is a bit narrower, and the webbing is 4mm thinner.

So if you have a narrow foot, whether you’re a man or woman, you may want to check the “women’s” sizing templates and see how those work for you. Similarly, if you have a wider foot, regardless of your gender, check out the “men’s” templates.

Simple. First, slide the webbing through the slots on the outside of the sole to get the tension you like across your toes.
Note: A lot of our customers report that they like the toe strap looser than they thought they would. Experiment and see what you like best.

Next, just pull the end of the webbing — our proprietary tensioner will hold everything in place. If something feels too tight, just flip the top of the tensioner up, and the webbing will easily loosen.

Finally, experiment with the tension of the heel strap. If you make it tighter, it’ll move your foot forward a bit. Make it looser and it’ll let your foot slide back.

Once you find the right tension, you have the choice to get in and out of your Z-Trail by either un-doing the heel strap or loosening the top webbing. Personally, I leave the heel strap in place and use the top webbing to get in and out.

You can wash them with soap and water.

One thing to be careful of: Do not leave your Z-Trail in a hot car or exposed to extreme heat and sunlight (i.e. the back window or dashboard of a car is the WORST). The TrailFoam™ layer will deform if you do this, and this is not covered by our warranty.


After you purchase a gift certificate, you’ll be able to enter an email address for the recipient.

You could email it to yourself and forward it at a later time if you like.

You can also take the Gift Certificate code and send it to the recipient.

Please go to Xero Shoes Return Policy page to learn about our 45-day return policy.

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Customer Reviews
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Kathleen D.

More customer service, less marketing please

I am in general a positive person but I'm feeling a bit negative about Xero for 4 reasons. 1) I don't think such a company should have anything to do with Amazon - the reason I haven't bought for over a year though I wanted the sandals; 2) I have been bombarded by marketing emails, including one offering discounts for referring customers - I imagine that most fans would recommend them anyway - just drop the prices overall; 3) It has been really difficult to return the sandals even though I want to purchase a smaller pair - web errors, even when I followed the advice of a bot, most of which I had tried anyway, then I received an email saying I would be charged an unspecified sum for making a return; 4) When I was emailed a return label, DPD attempted to deliver my [arcel on a working day and no-one was there to receive it. The sandals are fine, even though I would have chosen a different style had they been available other than from Amazon. I look forward to being able to sort these out and getting the dang things in my size!

United Kingdom United Kingdom

Comfortable. Better than a traditional sandle, but front strap bunches my toes together.

Bought these from Amazon. Packaging is equally minimal, which is great and environmentally friendly. I was impressed. They are very comfortable on the underside of my feet. However the soles aren't quite as flexible as I was expecting. One downside for a sandle made for walking, and the reason I haven't given them 5-stars, is that the front strap on a shoe of this design WILL (in my experience) continue to keep your big toe pointing in towards your other toes, preventing it from splaying. It is essentially recreating a relatively tight 'toe box' area, by not being independent of the rest of the unified strap mechanism. I think the design could be improved by not having one continuous strap, but two, with the toe strap being independent of the rest of the straps and adjustable to the wearer's requirements with velcro. That way, the wearer could choose to loosen the toe strap, whilst being able to tighten the rest of the sandle independently. This is where I think the cheaper Xero Cloud sandle (with it's thong-like toe post) might score more highly, particularly if you are simply looking for a holiday sandle you can throw on for every day wear. I have ordered those too, and think they will allow my does to move more freely, which is really the objective of footwear that respects the natural movement of your feet. Just my opinion after looking at my toes bunched together in these shoes. I would probably not want to walk long distances in these, but instead wear a proper (breathable) shoe or boot. But for holidays, to the beach or pool, or wild swimming etc, or on a campsite as camping "slippers" they will be perfect (but at £80, versus the £50 Xero Clouds, you would need to like them a lot more for the extra spend).

Chris P.

Love these!!!

I have never been a sandal person until I bought my z trails. I was blown away with my prios and decided to give the z trails a try. My day now consists of prios to work and change to the z trail as soon as I get home.

Andre D.

I love it

They are light and very comfortable, I drag them everywhere I go, they don't take up space in my backpack. I love them very much 🙂

Mark F.


I typically like enclosed toe sandals bit decided to try these. I also do not like straps that go up in your toes so the model worked well for that. I like the straps around the ankle and is very secured. The soles are thin but sturdy. Im happy with my purchase

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Enjoy Natural Comfort.

Natural Fit

Natural Fit

Wide toe boxes let your toes spread and relax. "Zero-drop" non-elevated heel for proper posture.

Natural Feel

Natural Feel

Our patented FeelTrue sole protects your foot while giving your brain the feedback and stimulation required.

Natural Motion

Natural Motion

Flexible soles let your foot bend and flex naturally. Low-to-the-ground design for balance and agility.