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Marathon Handbook: Secrets of Born to Run 2

An Exclusive Marathon Handbook Interview with Christopher McDougall and Eric Orton Watch this video to hear from Xero Shoes’ partners, Christopher McDougall and Eric Orton, as they talk about their latest adventures and chat about their new book, “Born to Run 2” and the new Born to Run Xero Shoes.

Men’s Health: Best Minimalist Shoes

Men’s Health names Prio Neo as the “most affordable minimalist shoe”. Read the Article Men’s Health writer Talene Appleton says, “Named after the term “proprioception” for better awareness of body movement, the new model of Xero’s well-loved Prio shoe uses the same 5mm rubber sole as the brand’s super minimal sandals. The Prio Neo features a […]

Xero Shoes’ New UK Website Offers Customers More Products, Robust Support

Broomfield, CO (1st May 2023) –  Xero Shoes, a worldwide natural footwear company, is thrilled to announce an even better customer experience in the UK market with the takeover of Customers can now browse and buy a broader selection of Xero Shoes, and will have dedicated customer support for the UK. had been […]

Advnture: Best Barefoot Running Shoes from Xero Shoes

The best barefoot running shoes and minimalist designs fo experiencing the addictive sensations of increased trail-feel READ MORE Advnture highlights the best barefoot running shoes and minimalist designs for experiencing the addictive sensations of increased trail-feel. Xero Shoes has two very different trail running shoes on the list: Mesa Trail: Best shoes for long miles […]

Dr. Steven Gundry Podcast: Steven Sashen

Don’t miss Xero Shoes’ CEO, Steven Sashen, and his conversation with Dr. Steven Gundry on a new episode of the Dr. Gundry Podcast. They talk about why your shoes may actually be harming your health – and why you do NOT need an arch for proper foot support and cushion. PLUS, they discuss the 3 […]

How to Winterproof Your Barefoot Shoes by Anya’s Reviews

Once you experience the freedom of barefoot shoes it’s hard to go back to your old pinchy boots. And even though there are practical barefoot winter boots available, depending on your environment it might not be quite enough.  I myself had a difficult time in extreme cold and ice before I learned a few hacks. […]

Gift Guide for Runners: Xero Shoes for Comfort and Performance

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the runner in your life? Whether they’re just starting out or are seasoned pro, we’ve got some great gift ideas that any runner is sure to love. Whether runners want to train in the shoes or just wear them for off-days and active recovery, reviewers say Xero […]

Footwear Plus: CEO Steven Sashen’s “Letter to Himself”

If you’ve ever heard a conversation with Xero Shoes’ CEO, Steven Sashen, you’re probably wondering how he got into the footwear business. In the December 2022 issue of Footwear Plus, Steven writes “a note to my younger self “at 21, giving tips for the road to come…