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Leg Length Difference and Barefoot Running

Can you run barefoot if your legs are different lengths? This is a question our co-founder Steven Sashen gets asked at least once a week. Watch this video with Steven and Joshua Gordon about barefoot running technique and leg length issues (and a LOT more). The content of this post does not constitute and is […]

The Important Barefoot Running Blister

The below is a first-hand story by Xero Shoes’ Co-CEO and Co-Founder, Steven Sashen: Getting a blister from barefoot running was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. Let me back up and tell you the whole story so you can understand why. On my second barefoot run ever, I was so […]

How To Run Barefoot

“How do I start barefoot running?” “What’s the best book/course/coach for learning to run barefoot?” “Can you show me what barefoot running form looks like?” Xero Shoes Co-Founder and Co-CEO Steven Sashen gets these queries a lot and avoided responding for months… until now. Read below to get his thoughts.

Do not “transition slowly” to Barefoot Running

The more time you spend around barefoot running and minimalist running — the more articles you read in magazines and newspapers, the more interviews you hear with doctors or runners, the more stories you see on the news, the more websites you see about it, the more research you hear about it — the more […]

How to Walk Barefoot

I expect (and kind of hope) that many people reading the title of this section will think, “Uh, I don’t need instruction about how to walk. I’ve been doing it all my life.” I also expect (and definitely hope) that others will read the title and think, “Finally, the answer to my most burning question! […]

How NOT to Start Barefoot Running

I was on a panel discussion about barefoot running a while back. At one point, someone in the audience asked, So how do I transition to barefoot running? NOTE — Even if you’re not a runner, this story is still relevant and important to you… okay, back to the story… Before I could respond, a […]