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5 Essentials to Pack for Your Next Adventure Travel Trip

There’s travel. And then there’s adventure travel. Adventure travel means different things to different people. It can mean a long backpacking trip through the Peruvian Andes. It can mean spending a month riding the longest rail line in the world. It can mean scrambling up a mountain side. Whether you’re bagging peaks, tackling every zip […]

Get Ready With Me for a Rainy Hike

@kalihikes tests out the Xero Shoes Ridgeway for a rainy day hike with her pup. Waterproof boots. Warm, dry feet. No worries about blisters. And a storm rolling in. Does it get any better? Try the Ridgeway Combine the allure of retro style with cutting-edge barefoot-friendly technology, and you get the Ridgeway – a hiking boot […]

4 Natural Movement Techniques to Try For Yourself (Videos)

Erwan Le Corre Provides 4 Techniques to Help Optimize Natural Movement In a world where our lives are increasingly sedentary, finding our way back to the basics of movement is not just refreshing—it’s essential. Erwan Le Corre founded MovNat, a physical education and fitness method for real-world physical capability. Erwan shares a video series featuring […]

Foot Care for Endurance Athletes

“And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet.” Khalil Gibran Of the 206 bones in your body, 52 are in your feet. Each and everyone contributes to getting you to where you are going and is a potential major hindrance if not cared for. As a long-distance, long-term athlete, I spend […]

Flat Feet, High Arches, and Running Barefoot

Not infrequently, when the topic of barefoot running comes up, or someone takes a look at my Xero Shoes, whomever I’m speaking with will say: I can’t do that. I need support. Oh? I’ll respond. Why do you need support? Then something happens that I love. I get one of two seemingly contradictory answers. Either: […]